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About the ILEA

ILEA is the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry, formed in Jan 2013. 


With a membership covering a large portion of the lift and escalator industry, ILEA represents a single voice for the sector.

ILEA members supply passenger and goods/service lifts, stairlifts, homelifts, lifting platforms, escalators, passenger conveyors, car transporting lifts and a range of component parts for such products. Maintenance, repairs and upgrading of existing lifts to current safety standards and disabled access requirements.

ILEA objectives include:

  • Provision of advice on health, safety and standards matters.

  • Determination of skills requirements and the promotion of education and training.

  • Co-operation within the sector and between the sector and its customers and suppliers.

  • Development of the commercial environment.

  • Maintaining the best standards of quality and workmanship. 

Commitment to high standards

ILEA is proud to have established ISO 9001 certification as criterion for membership of the Association. Certification to ISO 9001 demonstrates that ILEA member companies have the people, the facilities, technical expertise, management systems and track record to undertake work professionally and competently.

Because ILEA requires that certification is achieved through an accredited body, ISO 9001 assists member companies in satisfying conformity assessment procedures under Regulations 1998, Statutory  Instrument S.I. no. 246/1998 for the evaluation of technical competence, procedures which are subject to third party annual audits.

ILEA will provide information and advice on all industry related statutory requirements and health and safety matters, as well as European and international technical standards. This information will be available through download in the future from this website.

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